ALB Resources

ALB Reporting Form
Online form by the Massachusetts Introduced Pests Outreach Project that helps you to identify the Asian Longhorned Beetle and report any sightings.

USDA Beetle Busters
The nationwide view of the ALB infestation, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture: which states are affected, which are at risk, how to identify the beetle and how to prevent it from spreading. FAQs include history of the infestation, prevention tips, explanation of insecticide injections and more.

Massachusetts Introduced Pests Outreach Project 
Comprehensive listing of ALB alerts, identification guides, links to Worcester and affected towns’ ALB alert pages and ALB news archive. A collaboration of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and UMass Extension Agriculture and Landscape Program.

City of Worcester Asian Longhorned Beetles FAQs and Information
Explanations and downloads focus on restrictions for transporting wood cut or fallen from trees within the ALB restricted area of Worcester and surrounding towns. The beetles love to hitch-hike on fallen limbs, so selling or moving wood, whether obviously infested or not, is one of the main ways the beetle infestation can spread.

Worcester Telegram ALB Archive
Links to PDFs of areas within Worcester that have been or are being treated for ALB. The Telegram has written many articles about the city’s infestation; archived stories may be accessed for a fee.

Worcester Garden Club Green Hill Park Arboretum
The WGC received the 2011 national Founders Fund Award of $25,000 from the Garden Club of America to plant an ALB-resistant arboretum in Worcester’s Green Hill Park. Groundbreaking was held on Arbor Day, April 27, 2012. The arboretum is designed to teach which trees are the best species to plant as Worcester replaces the tens of thousands of trees lost to the infestation.

Worcester Tree Initiative
A non-profit effort to reforest the City of Worcester and surrounding communities, initiated in January 2009 by Congressman Jim McGovern and Lt. Governor Tim Murray, to plant 30,000 trees in Worcester and surrounding towns over 5 years. This public/private partnership has given away thousands of trees and done extensive outreach and training for tree planting and stewardship.

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